Protecting those Smartphone Memories


I was excited to upgrade my Android Smartphone recently and was thoroughly enjoying the latest functionality and apps. It was much less clunky that the earlier model, and I had spent time setting-up my social media and other apps. I had also added a password to make sure my details would be safe if my phone were to be lost or stolen.


During half-term, I had a lovely time with my daughters, taking a number of photos using my Smartphone during days sat at the seaside and in London. I was taking great care, as I had heard that users had dropped similar Smartphones and that damage to the screen had meant that they could no access the phone’s contents due to the touchscreen not working and therefore they couldn’t enter their password. Disaster struck one day when I pulled my pullover from beneath my phone. The phone tumbled from the kitchen top and struck a wooden stool en-route to the floor! The result was a slight dent on the housing, however this had been enough to crack the screen. I tried everything to access my precious photos, by consulting websites and the provider shop and support centre, all to no avail. The lovely photos of my daughters were locked on the phone, never to be seen again!!

I now have a replacement Smartphone, based on an insurance excess payment, and have learnt a valuable lesson, and I continue to pay the provider insurance, should I have any further problems with my phone in the future. I have also bought a case to protect the phone as much as possible if I drop it again and I have put a protective film across the screen for added protection. I have installed Norton Mobile Security as part of my Norton One Membership. And most importantly I have configured an automatic online back-up of any photos I have taken, which connects every time I return to my home wifi. Please don’t lose your precious memories. Protect the Stuff that Matters!

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