Mobile Internet + Big Data = The ‘Expected Relevance’ Lifestyle



I first became involved in the Internet in 1998. I was hooked immediately due to the instant availability of information via the brokering of the fledgling Portals of Yahoo!, Lycos, Excite and Altavista (albeit connection speeds were a touch slow back then – remember the modem dial-up chshshshshshsh – ah, the nostalgia!) was a huge shift in balance from Seller to Buyer. Consumers and Businesses now had much more knowledge on which to base their choices and loyalty for product and service purchases.

Fast forward to 2013 we now have the Gold Rush of Fifth Generation ‘Mobile’ Computing, with a number of Brands, existing and new, striving to establish a position in such a vibrant and evolving category. Handset Manufacturers, Mobile Service Providers, App Developers, Content Providers / Optimisers……….. What will make the overall difference in bringing together the rich information available in the Digital Internet with the physical-world proximity of the Mobile User?

‘Expected Relevance’ is the key here, and being in tune with the lifestyles, aspirations and emotions of Users – for both leisure and commerce. The parsing of Big Data – Geo-location, Movement Mapping, Social Behaviour, Mobile dowloads, Socio-Demographics and Psychological / Physiological Needs – will permit best fit recommendations, which will enhance lifestyles and touch the emotional side of the User. Emotional touch will provide greater Brand resonance and frequency of usage. The predictive recommendations for proximity and timing will enhance expected relevance and ensure Users get the right lifestyle experience – with so many burgeoning options available.

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