Inspirational Six Nations Rugby Leadership. An example for all Teams in Business!


What a thrilling climax to the 2014 Six Nations Rugby Union Championship. Excellent Leadership performances from: Ireland, Championship Winners by beating France in Paris, England, great Performance and Progression as a team; and Wales, to bounce back against Scotland. Many examples of the critical need for the highest possible Leadership in order to prepare-for team growth and specific challenges, execute a game-plan and learn-from the successes / areas for improvement.

Business Teams can take a great deal from the examples of Brian O’Driscoll, Stuart Lancaster / Chris Robshaw and Sam Warburton for their longevity of commitment, vision, discipline, determination and example, and their ability to form great teams from different skill sets.

Brian O’Driscoll has been a world-class leader, winning 141 caps for Ireland and excellent contribution to The Lions. His ability to lead with courage and to get the most from his team will be sorely missed. ‘BOD’ ensured sustained performance for a number of years as an excellent professional. Today, St Patricks Day, seems a suitable date on which to wish him well with the next phase of his leadership journey.

brian-o_driscoll-p_153084t1Stuart Lancaster, with a the support of his Leadership team and Captain, Chris Robshaw, have illustrated how a team can be reconstructed around common purpose and themes, and at the same time stepping-up as individuals in terms of performance. Stuart Lancaster has produced a focus, culture and atmosphere that will take England on to greater strengths in 2015 and beyond, based on firm leadership foundations.

Sam Warburton has steadied a Wales team to bounce-back against Scotland, and captained The Lions series victory in Australia. His leadership during a tough time for the Welsh team, after two previous outstanding Six Nations tournaments, has been determined and dogged.

All teams require great leadership, in order to inspire the right individual and team performance. Such performance needs to be sustained over time in order for it to impact the productivity of winning. For International Rugby teams its inspiring Six Nation and World Cup Wins. In Business it’s also leadership that inspires sustained innovation, creativity, development, training, stoicism, a progressive culture and a will to win business results.

All the best BOD!

Andrew Ford, March 2014

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