People want to give their best. Help them with People Leadership.


View from above of people looking up

People Leadership is the imperative for any high-performing organisation. Delivering it, whilst satisfying diverse Stakeholders is the test for any professional! Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Herzberg Motivators continue to be important to determine the priorities and positive motivators of individuals, wherever they may be in their lives. A Leader, therefore, needs to have:1. Emotional Intelligence‘ with people and to connect with them regarding what they need to do in order to achieve their dreams; They need ‘2. Open and regular dialogue’ in order to Listen and Mentor the Person in reaching their targets; A ‘3. Support framework for creativity and innovation’ should exist to draw out the best from a person’s ability and experience; Say a regular ‘4. Thank You, followed by Rewards’ – a combination of Monetary, Recognition and Experiences. And provide ‘5. Constant professional challenges – in a good way!’ so that people feel they can continue to grow and contribute. People Leadership is challenging and a Professional Test, however the people will be motivated to succeed and the results will come.

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