Germany Culture of Transformation, Teamwork and Tactics is a Winning Formula



I have utmost respect for Germany. As a nation, they are consummate in their planning and organisation, particularly for major sporting tournaments that matter. The same applies to other aspects of their success as a nation too. In Brazil 2014 their preparation for the Match with Brazil was pinpoint. They pulled apart a Brazil team lacking a defensive linchpin and the one flair player who could have added an extra attacking dimension. The German tactics and training ground preparation was spot-on, however this comes from a legacy culture that will bounce back from adversity and find a new way. Remember England beating Germany 5-1 in Munich in 2001? Germany then transformed themselves and set a new longer-term strategy, which could now see them as 2014 World Champions. Parallels between sport and business should be observed. Both are about the team, the culture, the transformation strategy and the shorter-term tactics. German Football is a great blueprint for winning!

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