PostExpo – Debate, Diverse Innovation and Pitney Bowes Delivers!


PostExpo in Stockholm was a great opportunity for various brands and service-providers to showcase their contributions to an evolving value chain.

On Day 3 the principle Business Forum was entitled ‘Partnership Models for postal operators – the value chain as the key to new revenue streams’. A panel of experts, including Luis Jimenez, Professor Matthias Finger and Claudia Pletscher, and chaired by Bernhard Bukovc, debated the DNA of Postal Services and their place vis-à-vis private operators and whether diversification in to areas such as health or grocery delivery was an attractive alternative or a distraction. All against a backdrop of a rapidly privatizing postal sector across the world and a parallel electronic value chain with dynamic digital players.


A debate ensued with regards to whether or not a newer private-sector service provider would be a good alternative to incumbent postal services? There was tacit agreement that companies, such as Amazon or FedEx, could deliver an excellent experience for customers – based on a choice of the best option available, however public policy was vital in order to ensure access and wide-spread availability of services.

Finally the debate was concluded by summarizing three value-chain strengths that Postal Services could build upon:

  1. Historically played an intermediation role
  2. Have a link to the physical letters and parcels, with unique connection at a local and national level
  3. Strong relationship [Brand] with the last mile receiver ‘Citizen Customer’

The PostExpo exhibition hall contained some interesting themes:

  1. A number of ‘Delivery Box’ solutions for customers that weren’t at home
  2. Mobile App Management for Field Personnel to update and manage applications
  3. Vehicles of all sizes to offer flexible and low-carbon delivery across various global geographies
  4. Location Intelligence solutions to optimize delivery and service
  5. Parcel Sorting with intelligent software and OCR technology

Pitney Bowes team delivered a first-class experience for customers and delegates with a theme of ‘Parcels SORTED’. A working Pitney Bowes Parcel Sorter was on display and I received a demo of the software that showed how the OCR technology captured unique package details in order to optimize the flow of the post / service provider. A great opportunity to aid customer experience and business effectiveness.


Congratulations to all at PostExpo, and particularly to the Pitney Bowes team of Annette Friedl, David Jeffries, Sue Christelow, Eric Kempton et al…

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