pb Brand Strategy, and impact on Culture.


Personally, today is an exciting time to be a Marketing and Communications Leader. A company with a clear brand strategy possesses a major ingredient for success, as it describes the essence of what it stands for and what it does. The planning and launch of a Brand is a catalyst for the development of the culture of the organization in order to drive greater performance in business results, stimulate heightened innovation, creativity and passion, to deliver customer relevance and experience. It is a great pleasure and privilege to be involved in launching such a new brand at Pitney Bowes ‘pb’.


The pb brand strategy and identity have been carefully prepared to ripple-out its character and capability in the rapidly evolving world of physical and digital commerce. It breathes further vigour and energy in to the pb business, by taking from a proud legacy, stretching back nearly 100 years, and building for an exciting digital future.

The proud pb legacy started with Arthur Pitney developing the postage meter in the United States, with the breakthrough technology to track the ascending postage with descending value on the meter. Arthur Pitney partnered with Walter Bowes, who focused on lobbying the US Government to pass legislation for such technology to come in to service and revolutionize Postal distribution. This was the first example of pb Precision and Accuracy with Impact.


pb now has a portfolio of physical and digital solutions that can be used in concert to help customers deliver commerce to their own customers. These include: Customer Information Management, Location Intelligence, Customer Engagement, Shipping and Mailing and Global Ecommerce. www.pb.com


“ (at pb) We deliver accuracy and precision across the connected and borderless world of commerce to help our clients create meaningful impact.”


The leadership and teamwork across the pb business, working together to deliver the new identity, messages and assets, is testament to the passion and drive across the organization. I am at the pb Henley site today to launch the brand, and celebrate with colleagues. Henley will be one of around 40 pb sites where celebrations take place as the sun moves around the world.

pb cakes small

The pb Culture will shape the next chapter of a proud business journey. The introduction of the new pb brand today is the first new chapter of that journey.


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