Five ways to improve your brand’s wellbeing


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Your brand is the heart and soul of your organisation. It needs not just to represent your business visually but must create interest, attract, engage, reflect, empathise, empower and excite. It must tell a story, reflect your heritage, create lasting impact, and position your business for the future. Brands need to be refreshed, to evolve and stay relevant. It follows, then, that an outdated brand can have the reverse effect, confusing and alienating audiences, and negatively influencing a company’s performance.

In commerce, we are in a constant cycle of reviewing insights, dedicating time to learnings, to help us plan successfully. In our personal lives, it’s much the same, especially early in the year, as we offset our indulgences with new exercise programmes and commitments to wellness: more stretches, less stress, more meditation, less mediation.   The Five Ways to Wellbeing are actions devised by NEF, the New Economics Foundation, for individuals to adopt in everyday life. They are:

  • Connect
  • Be active
  • Take notice
  • Keep learning
  • Give


They’ve been used by organisations, schools and communities across the UK to drive people to improve their wellbeing. I think they provide the perfect framework for businesses refreshing their identity.  Brands can adopt these actions to ensure there is a place for them in the future, and here’s where they can start:

  • Connect – with customers, with staff, with communities, both digital and physical; share your brand vision and strategy as well as your brand identity
  • Be active – as a brand, there must be no resting on laurels; be a challenger brand, be dynamic, confident, agile, and change when you need to
  • Take notice –make sure your brand stays relevant; stop, look and listen to your customers, your competitors and their products, your employees and their chosen communications channels and platforms, your perception in the market; take time to understand them
  • Keep learning – from your customers, staff, from competitive brands, from industry experts, from digital influencers – never stop learning
  • Give –share your brand’s expertise and experience, give inspiration and time, be approachable, give some thought to your brand’s position and its place in the future; and create a strong CSR policy, not just because it improves the perception of your brand but because commerce has the power to make a difference


Here at Pitney Bowes, we’ve undergone a fantastic, energetic brand transformation. In our 95 year history, we had only ever had two logos, and our last brand refresh was in 1971. Having announced the beginnings of a transformation programme two years ago, we recently announced a major programme centred around our changing brand. On the outside, there’s a unique, vibrant new logo, a new website and an entire new look and feel; on the inside, a new ethos, a change in culture, and a fresh digital direction.  And at the heart? People, technology and a commitment to the wellbeing of the business and brand.


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