GoogleGlass Social Acceptance – Style, Etiquette and Compelling Services



I worked on an HP Labs Market Trial in 1998 whilst based at the HP Bristol site, as I was keen to be involved in some cutting-edge innovations. The Market Trial was entitled ‘Casual Capture’ and involved carrying a Digital Camera with me and ‘capturing’ photos that I liked – such as a Sunrise at Heathrow for an early flight, a powerpoint slide displayed during a meeting or simply people I met.

In 1998 the Selfie and ubiquitous uploading of digital photos with Smartphones was not de rigueur! It has taken 16 years, including a new generation, for it to become socially acceptable, wherever you may be doing and with whom you may be spending time.


With the launch of GoogleGlass, however, there have been examples of people snatching the devices from people’s faces in bars, if they believe that they are being filmed without their knowledge. Social acceptance for the majority hasn’t yet been reached. More recently the BBC’s Rory Cellen-Jones carried out his own social and user experiment:


What can be done to aid the adoption of such new breakthrough technology? Google Glass in Contact Lenses will certainly help, although this could still be deemed clandestine! A proactive mobile ‘Social Calling-Card’ to Multiple Mobile Devices, using Bluetooth or Social Media Profile, would provide the required etiquette for those who have the receptor turned-on to such filming. On the counter-side this could also be linked to Facial Recognition and a Socially ‘Turned-off status’ for those not wanting to be filmed, with their own faces automatically blanked-out. The integrated ubiquity of the technology in stylish eyewear / clothing brands, which also provide an emotional halo, will also aid its diffusion with people becoming used to it being a part of every day life. And of course if a plethora of compelling lifestyle  ‘Pull Services’ could outweigh any social discomfort (check out Ambarish Mitra, CEO, of which offers 3D Augmented Reality technology across all devices, including GoogleGlass).!7096A144-F3DA-4623-AE7D-AF0AC340C13B


The Style and Etiquette are vital for adoption, and acceptance, by the majority..